1.1. Quality Management Statement

1.1.1. Mackenzie Wheeler have developed a professional commitment for producing high quality architecture and interiors supported by a management framework to ensure that the delivered result complies with the clients expectations and requirements.

1.1.2. Policies and procedures are fundamental to the efficient management of the practice and the projects it creates in particular. To ensure that the required objectives are met all adopted policies and procedures are controlled, reviewed and audited on a regular basis to ensure that standards are maintained to foster continual improvement.

1.1.3. Mackenzie Wheeler recognise that their staff contribute to the efficient running and success of the practice, all staff are encouraged to be fully involved with the implementation of the Practice Manual and in particular its quality systems. The manual is a controlled and dynamic document, subject to continued development and improvement. The management group review the full quality management system on a regular basis including reviewing the results of the internal audits.

1.1.4. Mackenzie Wheeler aim to continually improve its service to clients and working relationships with other consultants and contractors, to build positive business relationships, ensuring that a secure future is established for the practice and its employees.

1.1.5. Mackenzie Wheeler continually update and review their awareness of current legislation such as the Planning Acts, Building Regulations, Build-ability / Construction Methods and Sustainability. All staff are encouraged to further their knowledge and careers, to study and research new areas of work and technology and to participate in an effective and structured Continuing Professional Development (CPD) programme.

1.1.6. Mackenzie Wheeler are registered as a RIBA Chartered Practice.

1.1.7. This manual containing the Quality Policy and Quality Objectives are implemented to satisfy the requirements of the ISO 9001:2008 Standard with the following exclusion: Clause 7.6 Control of monitoring and measuring equipment.


1.2. Equal Opportunity & Diversity Policy

1.2.1. Mackenzie Wheeler are committed to valuing diversity and promoting equality for everyone. Competent and motivated employees are essential to success and the practice have adopted a policy to ensure the best use of human resources. 

Please contact the practice for an expanded version of this policy.


1.3. Health & Safety Policy

1.3.1. Mackenzie Wheeler are responsible for the health and safety of all its employees while at work. The practice will provide as far as is reasonably practicable a working environment that is safe and with minimum risk to employees, visitors and members of the public. The practice will fulfil its responsibilities by taking steps to work in accordance with the relevant health and safety legislation, published approved code of practice and good working practices. All employees that visit construction sites are required to qualify for a Construction Skills Certificate Scheme and hold a current valid certificate.

Please contact the practice for an expanded version of this policy.


1.4. Sustainability Policy

Mackenzie Wheeler have a committed approach to sustainability in respect of their practice facilities, the staff that it employees, its clients and the architecture and interiors that it creates. The objective being to promote environmental, social and economic improvement for future generations.

Please contact the practice for an expanded version of this policy.